About Us

Captain Creps was established in 2018 with the goal of delivering the best deals and new releases to the European sneaker community. We cater for the most popular trainer drops our community is interested in, focusing on providing sale and new release information as soon as they break and delivering you an early look at some of the best upcoming kicks before they go live.

Who are we?

Founder of Captain Creps, Josh Herbert created the brand in 2018 from a lifelong passion for footwear and sneaker culture. After spending ten years leading companies in the ecommerce industry, he combined his knowledge of digital media with his passion for trainers..

Catching the bug in the late 90s, Josh has over twenty years of sneaker collecting under his belt, becoming hooked in the streetwear / footwear scene through skating and the love of Air Max in the early 00s.

Based in Leeds, UK. Captain Creps has quickly grown in line with the fast growing fan base and social media presence. Currently a team of six, we work remotely to deliver the fastest updates on new release and sale information in the country. By working with staff as further afield as Australia we ensure we’re first to share new release information at the very beginning the day.

We’re working while you’re sleeping!

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What we do? – Our Mission

At Captain Creps – Sneaker Deals UK, first and foremost we are determined to deliver the best savings and discount information on the biggest sneaker releases. We scour the internet each day for the best sale events and discount codes. We aim to share these through our email subscription newsletter as well as across our social media platforms.

Our site is showcases latest sneaker releasesupcoming drops and sale items as soon as they break. You’re one stop shop for all sneaker related news!

For immediate content as soon as deals and new releases launch, we recommend paying close attention to our Twitter Feed. For a morning update on new release and sale information, head to our Instagram story. If you are just interested in our top picks of the day, our Facebook Account is a great place to go. But most importantly, our email subscribers usually get to hear first so make sure to sign up to our free email newsletter!

The UK Sneaker Community

One of our proudest achievements at Captain Creps has been creating the UKs most active Sneaker Community. With 64,000 members and growing, our Facebook group is the place to discuss all things Sneaker Culture and find and sell the latest kicks. Run by an incredible group of moderators with a passion for all things footwear, we get through over 100 posts a day from our group members.

Before joining, please read through the Group Rules and most importantly remember to respect your fellow sneakerheads. Sign up here

How to contact us?

If you’re looking to get in touch with the Captain Creps team, please send an email to [email protected], we try our best to answer all questions quickly within 24 hours. Other than that, just hit us up on any of our socials!