What Are The Best Sneakers / Trainers To Wear With Cargo Pants

It’s 100% locked in, cargos are firmly back on the agenda and it looks like they’re destined to be a mainstay in the wardrobe for years to come. And why not, the return of cargo pants is welcomed. They never really feel tight, have lots of pockets, are suitable for all genders, they’re easy to wear and most importantly are incredibly comfortable.

Just like some of our favourite kicks, cargo pants are extremely versatile and give you lots of options to style. They’re also much better equipped for the warmer months compared to jeans. Time to embrace the cargos and get the right sneakers to match!

Cargo pants vary in style and colour, with cuffed and non-cuffed cuts that will match with with different kicks. Let’s find out which styles work with different types of trainers.

Cuffed Vs. Non-Cuffed Cargo Pants: Which Sneakers Work?

Styling wise, a cuffed cargo pant can be styled very similar to joggers due to their fit and the way the are tight around the heel, despite looking very different and being of a completely different fabric. Athletic, narrower trainers are the way to go if you’re looking for a shoe to pair with cuffed cargos. Styles from the Nike Air Max range or Adidas Ultraboost, Prestos, Yeezy 350s, and Vans Old Skool among many others are excellent options for cuffed cargo pants. 

You can match the colourway of your sneakers to the colour of your cargo pants; but this is open to personal taste and creativity. If in doubt neutral colours sail and tan colours work great with joggers as well as triple white and triple black colour option for people who like minimalist styles.

Some sneakerheads, on the other hand, will side for pick oversized cargo pants which tend to suit a slightly different style of shoe.

Cuffed cargo pants work well for shoes with narrow entries as it gives them a tighter fit around the ankles.

Non-cuffed cargos are better suited to wider shoes, to allow a fit over the shoe, without the pants looking like they swamp your shoes. Ideal trainers that look better with a wide fitting, non cuffed cargo are the likes of the Nike Air Force 1, Dunk, Adidas Ozweego, Yeezy 700, and Air Jordan Retros like the 4. 

Aside from that list, there are loads of styles that will fit the bill, with the generic rule being to go for a wider shoe if wearing baggier cargos, with cuffed pants looking better with court shoes, runners or Air Max.

Non-cuffed cargos feel a little loose and are perfect for trainers that are also usually wide and chunky. Kanye West himself is a big fan of oversized non-cuffed khaki cargo pants. Seen often when steps out in his Yeezy sneakers and apparel. Comfortable shoes meet comfortable pants, the ultimate match.

Depending on how low you want the bottom hems to be, wearing a wider shoe will mean they still stand out because of their chunky midsoles. Air Jordan Retros also look great with non-cuffed pants but this again is completely subjective and will depend on the Jordan style you’re wearing.

Three High top sneakers that look good with Cargo Pants

We gathered the top three high-top sneakers that are perfect to wear with cargo pants. Let’s check them out below!

Air Jordan 1 High / Mid

Undeniably iconic. The Air Jordan 1 High may be the most popular sneaker of all time, and cargo pants are a great partner! You can either choose the Air Jordan 1 High or Mid (yes, Mids) and pair them up with your cargos. Check out some of the looks below that can serve as your fashion inspiration.

Cuffed or non-cuffed, Air Jordan 1 Highs will always be an iconic, safe bet. (Mids included).

Where to Buy? If you’re looking for mids or high tops, you’ll be lucky to catch a pair at Nike. Alternatively head to StockX to bag a pair on the re-sell market.

Air Force 1 Mid

The Nike Air Force 1 Mid may be the less popular shoe compared to the Lows, but it sure is one of the best options among high-top sneakers. Depending on the type of your cargo pants and the taper, you should given the option to hide the ankle straps or to wear a cut that sits higher.

Where to Buy? Sizes are usually readily available via Nike UK

Air Jordan 4

non cuffed cargo pants are also suitable for a lot of Air Jordan Retros, but we’ll go with the Air Jordan 4 as a great choice, one of the most popular models along with the J1s. 

The TPU support wings on the sides really stand out as the Jumpman graces the tongue. This same style also applies to the Air Jordan 3 and its signature elephant print overlays.

Where to Buy? The Air Jordan 4 tends to sell out immediately on every drop. If you’re looking to buy a pair outside of a raffle or not on drop morning, we recommend StockX

Three Low Top sneakers that look good with Cargo Pants

Next up, we’ll take a look at three of the best low-top sneakers that look good with cargo pants

Nike Dunk Low

Undeniably popular in the past three years. The Nike Dunk Low shouldn’t really need any introduction. With loads of fresh colourways and re-releases of the Nike Dunk Low and The Nike Dunk Low SB, styling them with your cargos will be easy. Below are some of the fit inspirations:

Nike Dunk Lows are currently one of the most popular sneaker styles; perfect to level up that heat in your wardrobe.

Where to Buy? At the moment getting a pair of Dunk Lows is difficult at Nike UK, but possible in some colourways. For the biggest choice you will need to head to a re-sell marketplace. We recommend StockX

Adidas Yeezy 700

Basically, Yeezy 700s are perfect for cargo pants. Whether it’s the Wave Runner, V2, or V3, these are Yeezy-certified fresh to rock with cargos.

Kanye West has been spotted multiple times wearing the Yeezy 700 with cargo pants. That’s some pretty good assurance.

Where to Buy? Yeezy 700s along with the Yeezy 350 are two very popular Yeezy styles which sell out very quickly when released. To bag a pair you after launch, you will need to head to StockX

Air Force 1 Low

Another iconic trainer that needs no explaining, the AF1 Low is a staple choice for just about everything. Shorts? Check. Joggers? Check. Cargo Pants? Definitely a big check. 

Where to Buy? Air Force 1’s are a staple Nike shoe. Perhaps their most popular line. You can bag a pair from Nike or head to Foot Locker for a good range.

Final Thoughts

Love them or hate them, we’re not fussed. Cargos are not going anywhere soon, so we say embrace them. Whether you’re going with a cuffed fit or you prefer a wider look, there’s plenty of shoes that look bang on with a good pair of cargos. Time to bring in the death of skinny jeans!

Frequently asked Questions

Can I wear cargo pants with boots? 

Most definitely. Cargo pants usually appear in military colours such as Khaki, Olive Green, and Brown; all of which are suitable colours to match a good pair of boots.

What are the best shoes to wear with cargo pants?

The perfect shoes for cargo pants is subjective, but iconic sneakers such as the Air Jordan 1, Air Force 1, Nike Dunk, Chuck Taylor All-Stars, and Yeezy 700s all look great with cargo pants. Boots are also a good choice if you’re looking for something to wear outside sneakers.

What sneakers look best with cargo shorts?

Not having to worry about the fit around the ankle makes styling sneakers with cargos a lot simpler. A lot of people choose wider fitting kicks for cargo shorts, while others will get by just fine with a narrower sportier pair. When looking for sneakers to wear with cargo shorts think Vans Old Skool, Nike Air Force 1s, Converse Chuck Taylors, Air Jordan 1s, Yeezys, old-school New Balances, and loads more. You really have a lot of options.

How do you rock cargo pants with sneakers?

Cargo pants are loose fitting, comfortable and versatile. Your decision to choose cuffed or non-cuffed cargo pants should narrow your sneaker choice. With a wide fitting pair of pants more suited to a wider shoe like the Nike Dunk with a cuffed fit opening the options to narrower shoes, you can then match pairs in accordance with the colour of your cargos.

What type of shoes should I wear with black cargo pants?

With a fresh pair of sneakers being our obvious go to, you can go also side for a wide range of boots or any brown shoes. These options are great if you need something a little bit more formal. With cargo pants, the colour options open up to almost everything as black compliments pretty much everything.