What Are The Best Vegan, Non-Leather adidas Shoes? – Solved

As brands continue to push for the use of environment-friendly materials and move to more sustainable options than animal based leather, Adidas has been one of the market leaders in terms of their vegan footwear selections. A perfect example being their use of PrimeGreen, which includes high quality recycled content as an animal-free alternative to lather as well as their outsoles which often reuse recycled rubber waste taken from factory scraps.

The great thing about vegan shoes nowadays is that you can’t even tell them apart from previous pairs. Footwear brands found a way to mimic the same if not better quality to leather. Below we’ll talk about some of the best Adidas vegan shoes. We’ll also explain how Adidas makes their vegan trainers and how they compare to the usual leather and raw materials used.

The Adidas line can be seen throughout many of the brand’s classic Adidas Originals models. We’re here to discuss some of the best pairs. Let’s go ahead and check them out one by one!

Are adidas Shoes Vegan?

If you’ve heard of Primeblue, we can recall the brand’s partnership with Parley For the Oceans. Together, they capture plastic and other wastes found on beaches, islands, and other bodies of water. The collected waste then enters a recycling process where they combine to form a yarn. This is what Primeblue is all about.

Adidas developed what they now call Primegreen. This fabric comes from recycled polyester found from unused materials. It’s important because it reduces the production of virgin polyester or newly-produced plastic. 

Adidas has a lot of vegan shoes available on its website. Iconic silhouettes like the Superstar, Stan Smith, Samba for example all feature Primegreen uppers. They feel the same as before, but are now more sustainable than ever!

These pairs have been in demand ever since and continue to release in classic and new colourways. Head further down the article for more details.

What are adidas Vegan shoes made out of?

Adidas Vegan shoes feature Primegreen, a fabric made out of recycled polyester. This is basically the same material used in creating new fabrics. But instead of continuously creating new materials, the brand pushed for the usage of recycled ingredients. The recycled polyester contains a PU coating to further strengthen the material.

While some may worry about its durability, fret not! Primegreen is a performance fabric, which means even sports performance footwear incorporates this material. Whether it’s made out of knit, suede, or faux leather, Primegreen proves to be similar in terms of quality.

You won’t notice any difference in terms of fit. Those with wide feet can stick to their preferred size, while narrow footers can also stay true to size.

Which adidas shoes come with vegan options?

Since 2020, Primegreen has become one of the primary materials used in the construction of Adidas trainers. Vegan sneakers have not take away anything from the design of the classic styles, much to the delight of adidas originals fans.

Most of the vegan options are classics worth revisiting thanks to newly-introduced colourways. A lot of vegan pairs have also arrived in the original colour schemes to deliver that old-school aesthetic we’re all familiar with, updated with modern-day sustainable materials!

Bellow we’ve listed 5 of our favourite Adidas Vegan shoe options you can find in Adidas stores.

Our Top Five Adidas Vegan Shoe Options

Here are our top 5 Adidas vegan shoes. Spoiler alert! These are nothing but icons in their own right. 

adidas Samba Vegan

Adidas Vegan Shoes

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When talking about iconic Three Stripes shoes, best believe the Adidas Samba will always be in the top 3. Originally released in 1949 as a football shoe with improved traction, the Samba is the brand’s longest-running silhouette still in production. Adidas Hall Of Fame 101.

The Adidas Samba Vegan stays true to the OG Samba form, but now with vegan materials. Showcasing the brand’s stamp of approval is a debossed Adidas Originals Vegan logo on the rear. If you don’t like the added stamp detail on the rear, Adidas still has the Samba Vegan with all the regular features.

Cyclists can now also rock a pair of the Adidas Samba thanks to the Velosamba, also available in Vegan form!

adidas Stan Smith Vegan

We all know the name Stan Smith when it comes to trainers. Much like Michael Jordan, many people especially from the new generation appreciate the shoe without witnessing the man himself.

The Adidas Stan Smith Vegan is another top choice from the brand. Its minimalist construction with subtle three stripes in the form of perforations proves to be a fan-favourite casual shoe.

Primegreen and vegan alternative materials comprise the upper of the shoe. Recycled rubber waste makes up the outsole. About 50% of the shoe contains recycled materials with no virgin polyester. 

Sticking true to its form, the Stan Smith Vegan boasts no obvious changes apart from the Primegreen label on the sockliners.

That’s right, the shoe is available in the iconic White and Green colourway! Other colourways such as the Triple Black are also available in vegan form.

Available at adidas – SHOP HERE

adidas Superstar Vegan

Here’s another one of these Adidas pairs that remain classic. If the Stan Smith is known for looking minimalist, the Superstar poses the brand’s iconic three stripes and shell toe. The Adidas Superstar first came into the market as the brand’s premier basketball shoe. Fast forward to the modern era, it’s an iconic lifestyle shoe recognised by many fans.

The Adidas Superstar Vegan doesn’t really have notable changes from the normal version apart from the materials. Primegreen once again headlines the primary content of the shoe. The shoe already looks good with leather, now made even better with recycled content for a greater purpose.

Available at adidas – SHOP HERE

adidas Continental 80 Vegan

This is one of the most underrated trainers around that you can get for less than its retail price. The Adidas Continental 80 may not display the same reputation as the three sneakers above, but it’s very well on the way.

Inspired by the original Adidas Continental from the 80s, the Continental 80 revisits history when it returned in 2018. The Adidas Continental 80 Vegan retains the original construction of the shoe, except Primegreen takes the place of the upper. 

This is a great shoe if you want to try something else aside from the Samba, Stan Smith, and Superstar.

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adidas NY90 Vegan

If you don’t like three stripes but still want some Adidas branding, the NY 90 is your best bet. This versatile trainer is another lifestyle shoe inspired by the 90s, headlined by the Adidas trefoil logo on the lateral side.

It’s also one of the more affordable pairs you can find in the Adidas Originals catalogue. This includes the Adidas NY 90 Vegan edition.

Available at adidas – SHOP HERE

Final Thoughts

So, should you try any of these Adidas Vegan shoes? Sure, why not, they’re basically the same as the regular pairs, but with more sustainable materials. Not only do you help reduce the carbon footprint, but you’re also supporting the use of alternatives to animal-based leather in the sneaker industry. 

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