Cute Sneakers To Wear With Dresses

Looking for that perfect pair of sneakers to add a few centimetres to your height? Or just thinking about the perfect pair of kicks to compliment your fit? Look no further! In this article we share top styling tips and list our favourite cute sneakers to wear with dresses

The beauty of sneakers are that they’re extremely versatile. Whether your going with all white kicks, a chunky sneaker look or classic retro vibes. No matter what outfit you’ve chosen to wear on any day. Most of the time you’ll be able to pop on a pair of your favourite sneakers, feeling confident that they will complement the outfit nicely.

When pairing sneakers with dresses, the aim isn’t to focus on athletic-based benefits. Instead, this article focuses on the best pairs to provide the right aesthetic look to tie in with the silhouette of your dress. It is not necessary to seek out styles that serve sports-related qualities, such as cushioning and breathable uppers. Instead we’re focusing on styles that make you feel great when you wear them.

It is still crucial to ensure your sneakers are comfortable, suitable for walking in and supportive for your feet. However, hen wearing a dress, you will have the flexibility to choose a more stylish frame and you truly will be spoilt for choice!

Nike Air Force 1 Shadow

The Nike Air Force 1 Shadow features the same iconic shape as the original Air Force 1 silhoette. Adding a few tweaks here and there to modernise it.

With the iconic swoosh plus the Air branding, you’re getting a double dose of Nike. Although on the chunkier side, this shape would contrast beautifully with a simple slip dress, giving a very contemporary, relevant way to style a dress with sneakers.

What’s even better, you can personalise your own colourway on the Nike website to give it your individual touch that matches your identity. 

Case in point, this simple pink dress works well with an almost complete white AF1. working those pink hints on the Air Max Shadow to compliment the fit perfectly.

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High-Top

An unmistakeably iconic silhouette. The Converse Chuck Taylor High-Top is a go to pair of kicks to complete a dressy outfit. One of the most trusted ways to style a dress with sneakers, the Chuck Taylor sleek, slim-fit and streamlined design. They are a classy white and elegant choice that complement the femininity of a dress by hugging your ankles. They come in a wide array of colours, giving you plenty of options to choose from. For an even more sophisticated look, opt for the leather material Converse as this will add an elegant finish that the canvas material doesn’t. They’re also much easier to clean!

If in doubt opt for white sneaker styles like the OG pictured above!

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Adidas Superstar

Another classic pair that has stood the test of time. The adidas Superstar has a rounded, shell-toe cap which adds a certain softness that would pair nicely with a dress. Coming in a variety of colours, you be sure to select a pair that will match well with your wardrobe.

There are many reasons why Superstars are considered a staple for anyone’s clothing collection, one being that they look fantastic with dresses. Even better, you can get yourself a Vegan pair, which makes this style wonderfully inclusive and you can relax in the knowledge that you’re making sustainable footwear choices.

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Veja Campo Leather

A rising star in the world of trainers, the Veja Campo style is the style of today, and of tomorrow. Boasting a superbly sleek design, enhanced with the ChromeFree leather upper, this is a very stylish choice indeed. The minimalist vibe works well when paired with a floral dress as they don’t take the attention away from the outfit itself. 

The Veja Campo can provide a feminine, glossy addition to your look, coming in a myriad of netural colourways, you can choose whatever style floats your boat. The colour palettes tend to be on the more pastel side, which adds a beautiful softness that works nicely with a floral frock.

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Adidas Originals Sleek Trainer

Another simple silhouette, adidas’ take on a minimalist trainer is a perfect way to style a dress in an effortless, casual manner. The narrow fit of this shoe offers a streamlined appearance that will make your feet look beautifully elegant, which is an ideal quality for a pair of shoes, especially when pairing them with a dress or skirt. The consistently-sized sole contributes to a very put-together design, injecting some sophistication.

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Puma Cali Sport Chunky Trainer

This silhouette offers a chunky appearance with a thick sole; however, this is balanced out well with the supple leather upper and suede overlays. These would pair best with shorter dresses or skirts, as a longer silhouette might be a bit too much with this chunky sole. There are pretty aspects of this trainer which would enhance the femininity of a dress, for example the gold detailing, patterned grooves and shiny, leather finish. Coming in a variety of vibrant colourways, the Puma Cali Sport trainer will offer a bright way for you to style your dress.

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Vans Old Skool

One of our personal favourite sneakers and a popular choice of trainer to wear with any outfit you could possibly imagine. The design was originally designed as skateboarding shoe, with cool, suede uppers and a thick, white sole. Although they have a very distinct look, it’s their inherent simplicity that makes them a wise choice to pair with a dress, as they are effortlessly stylish and will go with most clothes and are a great choice to consider if you’re looking for a black sneaker. A more youthful option, this is a great way to go if you’re a teenager or young adult that will be a staple in any rotation season after season.

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Vans Era

Another iconic design from Vans, the Era shoe is a classic with endless versatility. They pair well with dresses because of their simple design that won’t take focus away from the outfit. On the more laid back end of the spectrum, this silhouette is a great way to make a white dress appear much more casual, perfect for a summer’s day.

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Nike Air Max 98

One for the Air Max fans. The Nike Air Max 98 comes from the 90s golden era of Air Max design, that is often overlooked. The chunky silhouette offers a extra cushioned footbed because of that full air unit stretching from heel to toe. Offering a more modern, street level vibe that offers a more contemporary way to style a dress.

Best paired with a more simple, plain dress that would allow the trainer to really stand out, this silhouette is perfect for the true Air Max Sneaker Head

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Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneaker

Although a more expensive, luxurious shoe, there’s no denying that the Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneaker is a popular, elegant and feminine silhouette that goes perfectly with dresses. The simple leather style strikes the perfect balance between being chunky and stylish but being sleek and chic at the same time. The large, flat laces give an unusual look that adds to this trainer’s subtle elegance. They come in a plethora of colourways, which can allow you to choose the best pair (or two!) that will match your dresses.

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Final Thoughts

There are many great trainers out there that pair well with dresses. The trick is to make sure you’re wearing shoes that make you feel as best as possible and the versatile nature of trainers makes them a super easy way to style up a dress.