The Definitive Nike Air Max Scorpion Review & Sizing Guide

Just when we thought Nike Air Max technology hit its peak, Nike has gone on to reach greater heights! This happened quite literally when the brand unveiled the new Nike Air Max Scorpion halfway through 2022. Delivering Nike’s first sneaker designed entirely during the pandemic. This Definitive Air Max Scorpion Review & Sizing Guide will deliver everything there is you need to know about the largest Air Max Silhouette to date.

With a very intriguing Air Max unit, the Air Max Scorpion looks to get one-up from the VaporMax from 2017. With the first few colourways set to drop imminently, let’s see this pair fits and get into the nitty gritty of this brand new Air Max model.

First Impressions of the Nike Air Max Scorpion

Immediately we’re getting huge VaporMax vibes the Air Max Scorpion. There’s the one-piece Flyknit weave upper, a large full-length Air sole and Flywire cables that all are commonly seen on Vapormax silhouettes. Something the designers clearly used as a starting point for the design of this shoe.

Despite the difficulties communicating remotely about the design of his model, Nike designers were able to take advantage of 3D virtual reality software tools to develop the shoe simultaneously.

With a lot of people split on how this shoe feels underfoot, it’s clear the Air Max Scorpion looks to pack a lot of cushioning and responsiveness underfoot. Each section of the air bubble looks to be a separate Air Max unit on its own because of how big it is. The larger air unit making this pair heavy despite the lightweight Flyknit upper. The complete thick Air Max unit mimicking a scorpions tail (hence the Scorpion nickname.)

There’s a TPU support frame separating the upper from the sole, adding stability because let’s admit it, this will literally add inches to your height. These TPU panels run front to back, this also shields the large Air Max units from bursting easily. Nike targeted contact points and incorporat the bubble accordingly, bringing you a one-of-a-kind Air Max cushioning experience.

The Flyknit upper incorporates recycled content and adds to the 20% sustainable materials used on the shoe. Some sort of fuzzy chenille fabric makes up the section surrounding the eyestays for added durability. This fuzzy material also comprises the tongue. 

Making a comeback is none other than the Flywire system. Nike revives the cables to reinforce the internal structure of the Air Max Scorpion. Not really a game-changer, but a welcome return nonetheless. 

What technology is used in the Nike Air Max Scorpion?

The shoe features Flyknit and Flywire on the upper, but the main highlight is of course the brand new cushioning system! The Air Max Scorpion boasts what is clearly the biggest Air Max unit in history. Executed similarly to the VaporMax, but this time doubling up the bubble to add some serious height!

The Air Max sole has segmented sections separated by a slimmer bridge to distribute the cushioning. It runs full-length to ensure you’re not missing comfort where you need them. The TPU frame stabilises the shoe to reduce the frequency of spraining your ankles due to its high ride.

How does the Air Max Scorpion Bubble Feel Underfoot?

If you’re wondering how this shoe feels underfoot, you can liken the Air Max Scorpion to the Nike Vapormax. This shoe is technically an upgraded Vapormax with an even bigger sole unit. With a lot of early wear tests reporting that the shoe can feel slightly unstable on the first few rides.

The Air Max Scorpion will definitely feel bouncy, but don’t try running in these as the shoe lacks stability. This is the same case as the Vapormax, but more extreme. Remember how Nike originally promoted the VM as a running shoe only to be rebranded as a lifestyle shoe? This isbecause of the wobbly feeling when rocking the Vapormax which is exacerbated on teh Air Ma xScorpion.

If you’re looking for long-lasting comfort and bounce, Air Max is your best friend. But the Scorpion technology is just way too unstable to be suitable for running. The Nike Air Max Scorpion will take some time to get used to because of the thick Air sole. But once broken in, you can expect comfort and bounce similar to the Air Max 720.

How does the Air Max Scorpion fit?

The Nike Air Max Scorpion fits true to size, similar to other Flyknit trainers. Nike seems to have solved the issue of the first Vapormax feeling too tight for wide-footers. The latest renditions of the innovative model now have better widths. You can expect the same for this shoe.

With the help of Flywire cables and a sock-like collar, the Air Max Scorpion will feel lightweight. Textile mudguard on the sides also adds durability to high-wear areas and reinforces the knit upper.

At first, the shoe will feel snug, but once the Flyknit upper stretches, the trainer starts to feel less restrictive.

You can go true to size on this one. If you’re a wide footer and couldn’t decide on the size, you can try on a pair of Vapormax to get an idea. Both pairs use Flyknit uppers, which can help give you an insight into how the Air Max Scorpion is going to fit. If the Vapormax feels tight, you can go a half size up, it’s not recommended to go a full size up because the Flyknit eventually stretches.

Get a half size bigger than your usual size if you want some wiggle room around the toes.

How much height does the Nike Air Max Scorpion add?

The Nike Air Max Scorpion elevates your height to new levels that have never seen before in the history of Air Max. To be exact at the largest point, the Air Max Scorpion adds 40MM or 1.57 Inches to your height, topping the Nike Air Max 720 by a few MM. The Full-length Air Max units on the likes of the 720, Lebron 17 etc usually ride high and boast a different feeling, the Air Max Scorpion takes this to brand new levels!

How can I style the Nike Air Max Scorpion?

The sporty lifestyle aesthetic of the shoe is pretty versatile when it comes to styling . To get the most out of your treads, you can rock the shoe with joggers, cargos or shorts. Regular fitting trousers are also great partners to Air Max silhouettes, but of course, avoid anything formal

What price is the Nike Air Max Scorpion and where can I buy them?

The Nike Air Max Scorpion officially launched September 5th, 2022. retailing for £225 You can check out the Nike UK website or any of the following retailers for size and availability.

NIKE UK – Shop Here

Offspring – Shop Here

Size? – Shop Here

StockX – Shop Here

Can I wear the Air Max Scorpion to the gym?

If you’re looking for your next best gym sneaker, look elsewhere as the shoe is not really suitable for lifting sessions. You can’t run in these for long durations too because the Air bubble will take a lot of damage and stability will prove an issue. You’ll be good to go for treadmills and stationary bikes when you wear this shoe, though! 

What can I do if the bubble bursts on my Air Max Scorpion?

Nike usually offers vouchers or replacements on popped Air bubbles if they are under warranty. The brand usually considers these cases as defective pairs and will offer you a full refund if it’s under 60 days of purchase. If it’s been over 60 days, you can use the help pages on the Nike site to discuss compensation options. For a full length explanation on what your options are, check out our article on What Can I Do If My Nike Air Max Bubble Pops?

The warranty lasts two years of the manufacture date and Nike’s in-house team will evaluate if the pair qualifies for warranties.

Deliberately popped Air units won’t qualify for the warranty, as well as pairs older than two years.

Final Thoughts

The new Nike Air Max Scorpion is definitely a pair that has divided the sneaker community. With a huge 40MM high air unit and a design that’d look common place in a dystopian Sci-Fi film, the Air Max Scorpion is definitely unique. With fresh silhouettes like this one coming from Nike’s design team, we’re very eager to know what else Swoosh HQ has in store for the future of Air Max.

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