How Do Converse Fit Compared To Nike? A Converse Sizing Guide

One of the pioneers of casual footwear, Converse began as simple rubber sneakers without many pretensions beyond maximum comfort. Today the OG Converse shoes like the classic Chuck Taylor are staples in the sneaker industry, with older and younger fanbases returning to these popular shoes decades on. This article looks in detail at Converse shoes sizing, looking in detail at how Converse fit compared to Nike and other major brands like adidas and Vans, giving you an in depth sizing tutorial to ensure you get the right shoe sizing!

Are there differences between men’s and women’s Converse sizes? How do the sizes of the most popular styles differ and how can I make sure I get the correct size? Let’s take a look:

Do Converse Shoes Run True to Size?

Converse sizing is marked as UK (English sizing), US ( American sizing) and EU (European sizing). The size increases by 0.5 cm per size. In general Converse shoes tend to fit slightly bigger than your average shoe.

At the outset, it is worth noting that the conventional male and female size guide differs in their dimensions. The Converse brand offer includes unisex sizing, but then also designs specifically for women and men. The curious thing is that the size of men is 0.5 cm shorter than that of women. In practice, this means that a women’s size 40 will be 26 cm long and a men’s size 40 will be 25.5 cm long. So it is worth taking this size difference into account when buying.

How does Converse fit compared to Nike?

Converse and Nike are quite similar. Kids and male sizes of Converse and Nike are almost the same but will differ when comparing to certain styles. When you buy your Converse in men’s or kid’s shoes you will be fine to take the same size as you would buy your Nike shoes but you could consider a half size up or just wear a thicker pair of socks.

When considering a female size the recommendation is slightly different. Compared to Nike, Converse is a bit smaller in size. so you should always buy half a size larger compared to your Nike shoes.

Converse Sizing Compared To Adidas

Converse and Adidas sizes are almost identical. That applies to all sizes: male, female and kids. However, for some female models, you should buy your Converse shoes in half a size smaller than Adidas shoes.

How does Converse Sizing Compared To Vans?

Generally, if you’re trying to size up against Vans SK8-Hi Shoes or Vans Old Skool we’d recommend opting for similar shoe sizes. Converse may run slightly larger than Vans but you won’t notice any difference and you’ll definitely have a comfortable pair if you match with Vans Sizing.

Converse Size Chart

What are the most popular Converse styles?

Chuck Taylor Low Top

Hands down one of the most popular types of Converse shoes. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is Classic shoe that has withstood the test of time. Variants include the Chuck 70, Chuck Taylor All Star Platform and Run Star Hike.

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Converse Chuck Taylor High Top

Like low tops, there are a few most popular models at high tops like Chuck Taylor All Star Classic and Platform, Chuck 70, Run Star Hike and Run Star Motion.

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

The Chuck Taylor All Star model is considered on of the most popular pairs of shoes in the world. The original All Star model has improved thanks to the suggestions of the famous basketball player Chuck Taylor, after whom these cult shoes were named. Chuck Taylor All-Stars or Converse All Stars is the trade name for a pair of casual shoes developed and produced by Converse. The design of the Chuck Taylor All-Star has remained virtually unchanged since its introduction. The shoes are made up of a stitched upper, a toe cap usually made of white rubber, and an outsole that is usually made of brown rubber. This model is produced as unisex.

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Converse Chuck Run Star Hike:

Bulky platform, toothed rubber sole and the classic spirit of the Chuck Taylor. A breakaway style launched in recent years that has inspired a new generation of Converse fans! The new Converse Run Star Hike combines style and comfort and fills your most casual daily looks with character. The Converse Run Star Hike have completely revolutionized the Converse catalog and are one of the leading platform sneakers on the market.

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Converse Star Player

The Converse Star Player is a unique model now restricted more to the back catalogue with some classic colourways occasionally being re-released and newer versions popping up now and then

This model has the simplicity that is instantly wearable with the sizing corresponding to that of the famous Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

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Converse x CDG Chuck Taylor

The CDG x Converse must already be one of the most recognizable collaborations when it comes to the sneaker industry. The heart with eyes logo, created by New York artist Filip Pagowski and Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons, is as iconic as the Chuck Taylors themselves. The Converse x Comme des Garçons PLAY Chuck 70 features a classic design with a playful twist.

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Where to Buy?

There are different stores to which you can go to get your Converse, such as, of course, the Converse store. You can also go to stores like Footlocker and END, where you can find a good variety, often styles which are not available at Converse direct.


Converse shoes run slightly bigger than standard shoes but and generally you will need to go up half a size from Nike shoes, or where the same size with thicker socks. If you’re comparing to adidas then we advise matching your current size. If you are afraid will you choose the right size, the best is to measure your feet. 

A recommendation is to measure your foot at night. Only then will the result be reliable since during the day your feet can swell. 

 Frequently Asked Questions

Should you buy Converse a size bigger?

No, you shouldn’t because Converse shoes run a big than standard shoes. That means that you should buy half a size smaller than standard shoes. Of course, it depends on what model it is. The exception is the comparison of Convers shoes with Nike and Adidas shoes, in which case it is better to take half a size up in the female size and consider moving up half with Nike or opt for a slightly thicker sock.

Are Nike and Converse the same size?

It can be said that Nike and Converse are almost the same sizes. Kids and male sizes are almost identical, while Converse female sizing is a bit smaller than Nike. Generally you can match up against male sizes and wear a thicker sock. although depending on the silhouette it may be best to jump up a half size.

What size is 8.5 in Converse?

It depends on which brand is compared to. In the case of Nike and Adidas, 8.5 in Converse is 8.5 in both Adidas and Nike. When it comes to standard sizes, 8.5 in Converse is like 9.5 in standard size. This is because Converse shoes run big than most standard sizes.

Are Converse Shoes Considered Good quality?

Converse are popular not only for their OG staple designs but also for their high quality, which offers greater durability, as well as being incredibly comfortable and quite versatile to match against any fir.

Initially, this type of footwear began as the iconic ankle boots, which became a trend in the world of fashion, as their designs gave great versatility to the outfit. This wonderful brand is characterized by its beautiful simple designs that add a special touch to any outfit.

Are Converse Shoes Sustainable?

Sustainability is a practice that grows day by day and grows more and more in the world of fashion and Converse has chosen to follow the strategy, bringing to the market a model of sustainable tennis. One of Converse’s biggest goals is to achieve a 100% sustainable product, so the brand is now launching new projects with its plants to reduce its carbon footprint. Committed to the environment, Converse presents the Chuck Taylor All Star Crater made with recycled material. Converse managed to turn Nike’s old, recycled materials into great sustainable shoes.

Where are Converse made?

In 2003 Nike bought Converse, moving manufacturing from the US to Southeast Asia. Currently, Converse is manufactured in China, India, Vietnam and Indonesia mainly.

Do Converse Run Big or Small?

Converse shoes run bigger than standard shoes.  That means that you should buy half a size smaller than your average. The exceptions are Nike and Adidas female sizes because they are a bit smaller in size, so you should go half a size up.

Do Converse Fit Wide Feet?

If you have wide feet you don’t have to worry because you will should be able to wear Converse without any problems, no matter your foot size. Although slightly tighter on the foot than a lot of brands and not known as wide shoes, Converse will be comfortable in less you have a very wide foot. In most cases there is no need to take a size up, sneakers will be comfortable in your normal shoe size.

  • Should You Size Up Or Down in Converse? Are They True To Size?
  • Converse shoes are not true to regular size. They fit slightly bigger than your average shoes. The brand state itself that Converse fits a half size bigger but if you wear a larger size you should go down a full size.

    Does Converse actually run big?

    Yes, Converse shoes run big. That means that you should buy half a size smaller than your average shoes. The exceptions are Nike and Adidas female sizes because they are a bit smaller in size, so you should go half a size up.