Is StockX An Authentic Source For Deadstock Sneakers?

Sneaker have become a cultural phenomenon among many people around the world. However, the existence of online scams and substandard replicas discourage many people from buying sneakers online. For this reason, many sneakerheads are cautious when planning to purchase sneakers from online re-sellers.  

StockX is an authentic source for deadstock sneakers. So if you are on the sneaker trail, the website should be the first point of call. The website is operational in more than 150 countries, with six authentication centres.

History of StockX

StockX was built as a secondary marketplace for buying and selling speakers. The company was founded by Dan Gilbert, Josh Luber, Greg Schwartz, and Chris Kaufman in Detroit, Michigan, six years ago. At the time of establishment, it was called The Stock Market of Things. 

Currently, the platform has over one thousand workers in more than 100 countries. The marketplace has expanded to include handbags, watches, electronics. The platform is among the fastest-growing companies in Michigan. 

StockX has partnered with many celebrities and companies on charitable causes. The company witnessed a data breach in 2019 before it completed a multi-year advertising agreement with Bleacher Report. For this reason, Deena Bahri became StockX’s first Chief marketing officer. 

Last year, co-founder Josh Luber left the company. The company builds its income from the transaction and payment fees it recoups from buyers and sellers that use the marketplace.

StockX Reviews Online 

StockX has a proven track record of quality service delivery. With an online review of over ten thousand users, the platform has a huge online presence. Most of the online reviews are positive. 

Many users are impressed with the smooth and quick deliveries of their orders. Also, the authentication process is a huge hit with users. However, there is slight criticism concerning the app. 

Several users complain about its functionality. Also, it shows contradicting bids and price lists often, which is a significant problem for sellers. Furthermore, stocks do not require a signature on any deliveries, irrespective of the cost. Consequently, this is a major issue for buyers because it makes it easy for items to end up in the wrong hands during the delivery.

What does StockX do?

Sneakerheads in the past had difficulties in buying and selling sneakers online. The presence of several shady sellers and fakes online makes the process more difficult to complete. But, with the creation of StockX, the resale of sneakers has become easier and safer. 

StockX was established in 2015. The website is a marketplace that enables users to purchase and sell items such as sneakers, handbags, and watches with ease. The platform plays the middleman role between the seller and the buyer.

Most users see the platform as the legit way to trade these items because it eliminates the chances of fraud. So you can purchase the Nike Dunk High Panda for $200 and not worry about it being fake.

Why use StockX and not eBay or Depop?

Sneakerheads for a long time discovered online marketplaces such as StockX as a reliable place to purchase items. However, many online shoppers debate between stocks, eBay, and Depop for the best online marketplace.

StockX is not dominated by Amazon or large retailers. Therefore, anyone can make sales on the platform, unlike other online marketplaces. For this reason, it provides a special user experience, unlike the rest.

StockX sets itself apart from the rest through an unwavering commitment to both users and sellers. By sending discount codes in case of pair of shoe ships without a verification tag, the company dedicates itself to making users happy.

How does StockX work?

StockX is a global stock market for things. It includes materials such as streetwear, sneakers, etc. If you want to purchase an item on the platform? All you have to do is make an offer to the seller. 

When your offer is accepted, then make payment. As soon as your payment is confirmed, the seller will receive intrusion from the company to ship directly to stocks to enable them to authenticate the item.

After authentication, the item is delivered directly to the buyers’ address, safely packed with a branded tag that shows the item went through a strict legit check. As a seller, all you need to do is list the item for sale or sell immediately to the buyer with the highest bid. 

When the item is purchased, you have to ship it to StockX within two business days to enable the company to authenticate it. 

How long does StockX take for delivery?

StockX tries to complete all orders within 7 – 12 business days. But, many orders are finished earlier. Also, shipping time changes depending on how fast the seller sends the product to the company for authentication.

The company sends you tracking information as soon as the verification process on your item is completed. Typically, the company uses a day or two business days for verification. However, it can take longer if there is a problem with the item because they will need to inspect it more. The Quality Assurance team does the inspection.

For example, if you place an order for Air Jordan 1 Low OG Neutral Grey (2021), it can take less than 7 business days if you are in the United States. 

Most popular deadstock Sneakers 

There are many popular deadstock sneakers found on the StockX website. Some of the most popular ones include:

Nike LD Sacai Waffle  

is stockx authentic?


Yeezy Boost 350 v2

is stockx authentic?


Yeezy 500

is stockx authentic?


Yeezy Boost 700

is stockx authentic?


Air Jordan 1

is stockx authentic?


Air Jordan 3

is stockx authentic?


Air Jordan 4

is stockx authentic?


Air Max 1



StockX provides a fool-proof means to purchase authentic sneakers in the resale market. It doesn’t matter if you are a sneakerhead or a newbie needing direction in the fashion world. You will get a smooth, authentic transaction via StockX. 

To purchase items and use the platform, visit the StockX website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are StockX shoes real?

The short answer is Yes – StockX sells legit shoes and other collectables. StockX has eliminated the risk of buying and selling. The process is reliable, authentic, and transparent.

So the company creates a haven for sneakerheads around the world.

Is it safe to buy from StockX? 

The quick answer is yes. Sellers must send all sold items to the authentication centres. There, the company inspects and verifies the product before they are shipped to buyers. Due to the extensive authentication policy of the platform and its position as a trusted middleman between buyers and sellers, StockX has a reputation for running an honest business in the resale sector.

Should I remove the StockX tag?

Recently, many customers have been leaving the StockX tags on their creps. They want to leave the StockX plastic tag, which is the company’s badge of authenticity. It is common to see an individual striking with the bright-green chip dangling on their footwear, especially on social media.

Leaving the tag is a way to tell observers that the sneakers are legit. So bootleg kicks have become widespread, and wearing the tag can often have the reverse effect.

So to answer the question, removing or leaving the tag remains the choice of the owner. However, we would recomend taking it off. Your shoes are legit, you shouldn’t have to prove it!

Does Nike own StockX? 

No they do not. However, the popularity of Nike Sneakers was instrumental in driving the phenomenon of sneaker resale and collecting since the 1990s. Typically, Nike is constantly among the highest selling brands on most sneaker resale marketplaces, such as StockX. Although these platforms will remain the popular place to get rare, quality sneakers, Nike will soon offer in-house resale. 

The move will see Nike take a more direct interest in the resale market. The in-house sale will be called Nike Refurbished, and it will focus only on sneakers, emphasising men’s and women’s footwear.

How long does StockX take to deliver? 

But, most orders placed on StockX are completed ahead of time to meet the client’s demand. However, shipping time depends on how rapidly the seller sends the item to the platform for authentication.

StockX has a rule that every item must be authenticated before being shipped. Once the product passes verification, you can track your order using tracking information sent to your email.

On the other hand, sellers will get a notification email when they sell an item through StockX. The email contains information about the shipping deadline. Also, the email will let you know your item passed the authentication process and that transaction is complete.

Finally, the email will tell the seller how long they have to print out the shopping label.

Does StockX sell new shoes? 

Yes, StockX sells new shoes. StockX is an online sneaker platform where sneakerheads buy and sell sneakers. Through the platform, buyers can get information about the shoes they want and the price. 

Also, you can sell a sneaker if you have tried once or twice. Shoes under this category are considered deadstock if you read the terms of sale on the company’s website. However, you have to watch out for fake StockX tags because they can be very convincing.

An excellent way to identify an authentic sneaker is by checking the position of the tag. StockX place their tags on the right shoe. In summary, StockX sells new shoes and deadstock sneakers. 

Deadstock shoes come with an original box including lid and label, which shows the size. 

Are products on StockX brand new?

Not all products on StockX are brand new. StockX is a popular resale platform for shoes and other collectables. StockX only accepts products that they consider deadstock. These products include streetwear and sneakers. 

Therefore, the product should be worn only once or twice and must be in flawless condition. Consequently, store tags are not necessary for streetwear to be considered brand new. But other products such as watches and handbags must be brand new.