New Balance Sizing Compared To Nike, Adidas, Vans & Converse

Considering purchasing a fresh pair of New Balance but have no idea about its sizing? Then you’ve come to the right place! New Balance continues its rising popularity with a succession of power moves in the last last few years. Multiple collabs with different brands, notably Aime Leon Dore 550 and 650s have helped turn a lot of heads towards the Boston-based sportswear label to make New Balance one of the fastest growing brands of the last few years.

This New Balance Sizing Guide will compare the brand’s sizing to other popular brands. Think Nike, Adidas, Vans, Converse, and more. By the end of this sizing guide, you’ll finally have an idea of how New Balance shoes fit so you can cop a pair that fits just right. 

Further in the article will go into detail on exactly how the most popular New Balance models fit and how to choose the right size. Knowing the right size across different brands is important to prevent a sloppy fit or prevent blisters on your feet.

For best results it’s always wise to check out the official New Balance’s size chart below and compare it with the size chart of other brands:

New Balance to Nike Size Guide

New Balance sizing runs bigger than Nike’s as the latter tends to have smaller measurements among other brands. What sets New Balance apart from the rest of these brands is the width option. NB boasts various width options to cater to different foot shapes and types. This makes it easier for people to adjust according to their preferred length and width to get the perfect fit.

Their size charts may be identical, but New Balance’s width and slight toe space prove noticeable. A size 9.5 US Men’s from New Balance is equivalent to 8.5 UK from Nike, while Nike’s US 10 measures to a New Balance UK 9, which is very confusing! If you have a pair of Nike shoes, you can generally opt for a half size larger in New Balance. If you have wide feet, you can stick true to size as New Balance offers better width.

New Balance to Adidas size conversion

This is where most fans say both brands feel similar but still have notable sizing differences. Both pairs run bigger than most Nike shoes, but New Balance’s width stands out more.

A New Balance shoe in men’s size 7 runs 25 cm, but an Adidas men’s pair in the same size only runs 24.6 cm. However, when you put both shoe side by side, it’s likely they measure to the same sizing despite the difference.

New Balance to Converse size guide

New Balance Sizing
Image source: Titolo

If you have any pair of Converse shoes regardless of style, you probably know that most of them run big. But if you haven’t, it’s best to go a half size down especially on a pair of Chucks when comparing to New Balance sizing.

Check out this Men’s Converse Size Chart to get an idea of how the sizing varies across different models. If in doubt measure your foot against this size chart to get the most accurate results.

In general, Chuck Taylor All Stars and Chuck 70s usually run a half size larger than most shoes. A men’s US size 7 measures 24.9 cm, but many can prove that Chucks still feel a tad bit bigger than the measurement. 

While New Balance shoes have improved width options, Converse trainers like the Chucks still measure longer.

New Balance to Vans sizing

Vans are usually fit true to size across all models. But if you have wider feet than normal, many choose to go a half sizer bigger as the canvas upper does not stretch. If you’re using a Vans sneaker as a reference for buying a New Balance shoe, you can either stick true to size or go a half size bigger. Either way, they’re almost always identical in length.

New Balance to Asics sizing

Another popular brand especially in running circles, Asics shows a lot of dedication in their running footwear line as well as dedication to their lifestyle sneaker range. While true to size, many can testify that the shoe feels a little bit snug from the midfoot to the toe sections. The Asics size chart matches other brands, but some trainers run small by about 0.5 cm. It’s best to go up half a size for your New Balance sneakers if you have Asics kicks as a reference.

New Balance to Reebok size guide

Reeboks are usually true to size, but the footwear measurements compared to New Balance show that Reebok shoes run smaller. There’s a 0.5 cm difference between these two brands, so as New Balance tends to fit slightly big, you can stick true to size when comparing to New Balance and match up exactly.

How does New Balance 574 fit? Are they true to size?

The New Balance 574 is one of the most iconic New Balance shoes ever, good value, timeless and available in a lot of awesome colourways! The New Balance 574 runs true to size and has a wide base for more stability. The default width option is standard, so if you have wide feet and feel a little too tight around the midfoot, just go up half a size and you’ll be good to go!

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How does the New Balance 393 fit? A sizing guide

The New Balance 393 is an affordable lifestyle model inspired by vintage New Balance trainers. This modern retro feels the same as old-school creps such as the 574, so expect a similar fit between the two. The New Balance 393 generally runs true to size, but those with wide wider feet may opt for a half sizer bigger to get the best possible fit. 

Its standard width and regular mesh base construction give you that nice step-in comfort right away. This shoe is one of the best budget shoes to consider if you want to rock New Balances for just about everything.

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New Balance Sizing

How does the New Balance M1500 fit?

The sleek design of the New Balance MADE 1500 made the shoe feel slightly narrow on a standard width. That’s no problem as you can easily stick to your usual Nike shoe size and the NB 1500 will fit just right! Those with narrow feet can stay true to size to achieve the cosy feeling of the shoe. Wide footers will want to opt for a half size up against Nike.

Where to Buy New Balance M1500? For best results check out the New Balance site for the latest New Balance M1500 Releases.

How do the New Balance 997 and 997H fit?

Most people say that going true to size on the New Balance 997 is the usual option. But some also recommend going down half a size as the model runs bigger than normal. If the pair you bought feels a little bigger, you can simply wear thick socks to add volume to the shoe. we recommend sticking to your usual New Balance size, but if comparing to Nike, it’s best to opt for a half size up.

Where to Buy New Balance 997H? For best results check out the New Balance site for the latest New Balance 997 Releases.

How does the New Balance 991 fit?

The New Balance 991 runs true to size. What’s even better is that they already feel broken in when you wear them the first time! Expect a snug fit paired with decent cushioning for this timeless shoe. Many say that the New Balance 991 has the most consistent sizing among the 99x models. If comparing to Nike, always shoot a half size up for best results.

Where to Buy New Balance 991? For best results head to the New Balance site for the latest New Balance 991 Releases.

How do the New Balance 990, 990v3 and 990v5 fit?

While they’re undeniably comfortable and stylish, the New Balance 990x sneakers run a little bigger than normal. The width is not a problem as all three shoes feature a wide base. But the length is a bit longer than usual. Use any Nike shoe you own as a reference and go down half a size. This will prevent heel slips and blisters caused by sloppy-fitting trainers. Again, If comparing to Nike, remember to go for a half size up.

Where to Buy New Balance 990? For best results check out the New Balance site for the latest New Balance 990 Releases.

How does the New Balance 237 fit?

We recently reviewed the New Balance 327 and recommended going a half size bigger than your usual size. That’s not the same case with the 237 as the wide base lets you stick to your true size! If you’re a 9, go get that 9 and enjoy the locked-down feeling of this modern lifestyle shoe from New Balance. However, if comparing with Nike, you’ll want to take a half size up.

Where to Buy New Balance 237? For best results check out the New Balance site for the latest New Balance 237 Releases.