Can You Put Nike Air Max 270 In The Washing Machine?

Dirt and stains on your favourite pair of shoes can be a pretty stressful thing to deal with. Maintaining your shoe collection’s cleanliness and freshness is something that all sneakerheads have to do. Sometimes, it takes more than soft cloth or soft brushes to take the dirt off; making us look for other alternatives that will turn the most beaten pairs in our rotation back to their best. 

In this article, we will talk about the best ways you can clean your sneakers, specifically the popular Nike Air Max 270. This shoe is one of the hardest to clean because of the multi-layered mesh or knit, neoprene construction on the rear, and the heel Air Max unit. We’ll cover the pros and cons of putting your trainers in the washing machine and the possible risks when you clean them that way. And to finish it all off we’ll showcase the five best colourways, as a celebration of the silhouette!

Can You Machine Wash Your Nike Air Max 270?

A lot of people are curious about whether it’s safe to put the Nike Air Max 270 in the washing machine. Machine washing sneakers speeds up the cleaning process that other methods can’t do. It’s generally OK to put the shoe in the washer; but you need to know the right steps in order to avoid damaging the shoe instead of cleaning them.

  1. Avoid warm water: Firstly, you must avoid warm water at all costs. This is because warm water will dry up the glue holding the upper and the sole; using hot water on an Air Max shoe can also damage the bubble and possibly deflate it. Your best option is to use cold water, but make sure you pre-treat the shoe by using a sneaker cleaning kit. Or if you don’t have any, you can opt for a soft cloth or a soft-bristled brush and put soap.
  2. Scrub away the dirt first: Gently scrub the upper of your Air Max 270 and move from one area to another; make sure you get all that dirt out to make your trainer fresh and look brand new. Scrub gently the mesh and knit fabrics because these materials are too soft and need delicate care.
  3. Preparation is key: If you’re going to machine wash the Nike Air Max 270, take out the laces and insoles, then put them in a laundry bag. Set the washing machine with cold water and some sneaker laundry detergent if you have one. Go for a mild detergent as an alternative as this will not discolour the fabrics on the trainer. 
  4. Soak your laces & insole: While waiting for the machine wash to finish, clean the laces and insoles with laundry detergent and soak them in the water. Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub dirt and stains on the laces without fraying them. 
  5. Maintain the structure: After the washing process, just air dry the shoe and put shoe trees inside to restore the AM270’s structure. If you don’t have a shoe tree, you can stuff the shoe with paper or a dry kitchen cloth.
  6. Finishing touches: Use a dry cloth to lessen damp areas before leaving to try then finally, put the laces and insoles back. And there you have it, a pair good as new.

Will My Air Max 270 Be Damaged If I Machine Wash Them?

It is possible to damage your Air Max 270 if you machine wash them incorrectly. This can happen when you use warm water or hot air in the tumble dryer. Both of these will deplete the adhesive on the shoe specifically the glue connecting the sole from the upper. If this happens you’ll have to spend more by buying adhesive or by having them restored at sneaker repair shop.

The shoe can also be damaged if you put strong detergent on the washing machine as this will discolour the upper and affect its composition.

Machine wash Air Max 270

Best Ways To Clean Your Nike Air Max 270

1. Scrub with a soft cloth or soft brush with soap and gently remove all the dirt and stains. Use different cloths for the mesh upper, midsole, air bubble, etc.

2. Buy a sneaker cleaning kit for trainers with mesh uppers and use the tools carefully.

3. Use a damp cloth to clean the midsole and outsole.

4. Put a small amount of white vinegar on a piece of cotton and brush it on stains, wash the shoe further to get rid of the vinegar’s smell.

Five Of The Best Nike Air Max 270 Colourways

The Nike Air Max 270 is an extremely popular shoe introduced in 2018. Check out some of the most popular releases of the trainer below.

Nike Air Max 270 “Triple Black” 

You’ll never go wrong with this colourway. A stealthy and clean pair for any outfit in the wardrobe.

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Nike Air Max 270 “White Black”

Machine wash Air Max 270

Not quite Triple White, but a fresh rendition of the modern Air Max silhouette.

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Nike Air Max 270 “Black White”

The “Black White” rendition is another popular OG colourway thanks to the clean and classic colour combo.

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Nike x Travis Scott Air Max 270 React ‘Cactus Trails’

The first-ever Air Max shoe with a Travis Scott collab; Cactus Jack details all over the shoe in classic Sanded Gold.

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Nike Air Max 270 “Dusty Cactus”

Machine wash Air Max 270

Inspired by a colourway found on the Nike Air Max 93, this “Dusty Cactus” rendition features White, Black, and Teal.

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There’s no denying why the Nike Air Max 270 has become one of the most popular Air Max styles. Taking it’s place amongst giants like the Air Max 90 and Air Max Plus. However, cleaning this sneaker requires a lot of thought due to the materials on the upper and the large 270 Air Max unit. 

With the help of our guide, you won’t have to worry about your dirty Air Max 270s. By doing the right steps and proper methods, your trainer will look new and clean just like the day you bought it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Air Max 270 get wet?

It’s fine to get your sneakers wet but just don’t soak them too much as the mesh will be discoloured and the adhesive will cause sole separations.

How do you clean 270s?

The best way to clean your Air Max 270 is by using a soft cloth or soft-bristled brush and gently scrubbing away all the dirt. You can machine wash the shoe by putting it in a bag and air drying the pair after setting it in cold water.

How do I wash Nike Air Max 270 React?

The main difference between the 270 and 270 React is the upper and React midsole. The Nike Air Max 270 React features TPU and suede overlays atop a textile base. This is easier to clean compared to the airy mesh of the regular 270. You can use cloth or brush for the TPU and textile parts, as for the suede, you must be gentle not to damage the fabric as it’s another delicate material. React can also be cleaned thoroughly using a brush with soap under cold water.

Can you put Nike Air Max 270 in the washer?

Yes, but to avoid damaging the shoe, put it inside a laundry bag and use cold water. Let it air dry for a brief period then rub away all the excess dirt remaining.

How do I clean the Nike Air Max 270 bubble?

You can use a toothbrush or a soft brush in cleaning the Air Max unit. An alcohol or a nail polish remover usually does the trick on some scuffs, but others opt for other alternatives such as hydrogen peroxide mixed with baking soda.