We Used AI To Create Some Incredible Nike Air Max Concepts

Over at Captain Creps HQ we’ve been pretty blown away with Mid Journey, a fresh AI tool that uses machine learning technology to produce unique images from text prompts and images.

Over the last two or three hours we’ve become pretty addicted to the tool and have been playing around with different text prompts to come up with some really unique Nike Air Max concepts. Some of which we think look pretty dope!

Our main inspiration for the creations below were Neo, futuristic, Dunk / Air Max crossover concepts which were some of the terms we played around with to instruct Mid Journey to form these designs. When we landed on a style that looked lit, we then pushed the AI software to upscale the designs to form some of the concepts below.

Check out some of our top creations below and let us know which pair you would rock over our socials!