Do Nike Air Max Dawn Fit True To Size? A Styling & Sizing Guide

Nike’s Air Max footwear line is one of the most popular trainer styles of all time. That revolutionary bubble presented perfectly within the midsole inspired over 35 years of innovative Air Max releases. The perfect blend of ground breaking design and top-of-the-line cushioning; brought about by the comfortable Air Max unit through the likes of the Nike Air Max 1 and Air Max 90.

Other Air Max models soon followed – each with unique features of their own. With the Air Max technology turning 35 in 2022, we now have the Nike Air Max Dawn as the latest pair in the iconic roster.

Currently catching attention among the sneaker community, check out our complete guide featuring the Nike Air Max Dawn. This article will cover everything you need to know about the Air Max Dawn, including its sizing, fit, and the many ways you can style the shoe. We’ll also showcase some of our favourite colourways along the way.

About The Nike Air Max Dawn

The Nike Air Max Dawn primarily took design DNA from the Nike Air Max 1. While the upper construction doesn’t really scream Air Max 1 aesthetic, subtle design details in some areas pay homage to the 1987 trainer. Despite taking inspiration from a vintage running shoe, the Nike Air Max Dawn is categorised as a lifestyle trainer.

Note that the Air Max 1 and other Air Max icons are also now labelled as lifestyle shoes; with the brand’s running selections now choosing to distance itself from Air Max cushioning for a more lightweight ride. For am in-depth discussion on wearing Nike Air Max shoes specifically for sport check out The Captain Creps Guide on wearing Air Max for different sports.

The Nike Air Max Dawn consists of at least 20% recycled material by weight as part of the brand’s “Move to Zero” campaign.

With retro-inspired designs, the Air Max Dawn does not have any new features. But its clean and classic construction makes it a well-rounded lifestyle shoe. First released in early 2022, initial release colourways gave us early 90s vibes with classic Nike colour schemes.

Mesh makes up the base layer of the upper, with suede overlays covering the toe, eyestays, and heel. The Nike Swoosh on the sides and forefoot complement the vintage brand labels on the tongue. Subtle Air Max 1 details such as the plastic eyestay on the top and two bumps on the forefoot midsole stay true to old-school aesthetics.

PU foam makes up the midsole of the shoe; a raised heel clip on the rear provides stability and further hugs the foot for an improved fit. A large visible Nike Air Max unit on the heel provides the bouncy and comfy cushioning that we all recognise. The front part of the bubble is exposed – allowing more contact with the air bag thanks to the reduced portion of foam.

A wavy traction pattern with widely-spaced grooves provides consistent grip on all surfaces.

One of the most popular colourways of the Nike Air Max Dawn colourways is this “Forrest Gump” colour scheme; more popularly seen on the Nike Cortez.

How does the Nike Air Max Dawn fit? Are they true to size?

The Nike Air Max Dawn fits true to size. So if you’re wearing UK 9 on your other Nike kicks, you can go for the same for this shoe. However, if you have wide feet, you may go up half a size to ensure you get the best possible fit without feeling too restrictive and narrow. The materials incorporate soft fabrics which means the upper will conform to your foot once worn.

Are Men’s sizes of the Air Max Dawn the same as Women’s?

Yes, in the UK they are the same, women’s pairs are always the same size as Men’s in length however they may feel narrower than Men’s sizes on some pairs.

However when sizing up against US sizes you will need to consult a sizing guide as women’s sizes can be a lot smaller then men’s! Very important to bear in mind if reading this from the other side of the pond!

How should I style the Air Max Dawn?

The Nike Air Max Dawn takes its design inspiration from the Nike Air Max 1, so styling should be relatively familiar for most Air Max fans. Because they’re quite similar in style to the Air Max 1 or the Nike Air Max 90, they can be worn with just about anything in the wardrobe and not look out of place.

Because of the classic Nike Air Max look to the Air Max Dawn, wearing anything sporty, whether that be cuffed joggers or shorts and socks, it’s gunna compliment. At the same time, the Air Max Dawn will work as a go-to casual shoe with a simple t-shirt and jeans combo.

Whether your aiming for a minimalist look or want to be loud, the Nike Air Max Dawn caters to for a range of fits. This shoe just won’t fail you when it comes to dynamic styles.

Is the Air Max Dawn a comfortable shoe?

Thanks to the soft foam midsole with a large-volume Air Max unit on the heel, the Nike Air Max is an incredibly comfortable modern Air Max silhouette. The thick midsole may sit high just like the Nike Air Max 1 and 90; but the plastic heel clip ensures that your foot remains stable and supported

A fully exposed front area on the Air Max brings you even more bounce and cushioning as there’s less barrier between the foot and the Air unit.

The upper also feels soft and takes less time breaking in due to the mesh and suede materials ensuring maximun breathability and comfort around the top of the foot.

Where can I buy the Nike Air Max Dawn?

You can buy the Nike Air Max Dawn directly from the Nike UK website. But other retailers also carry the new Air Max model in their inventory. Below are some of the available stores where you can purchase the Nike Air Max Dawn today:


Foot Locker UK – SHOP HERE


Office – SHOP HERE

You can also check sneaker reselling sites such as eBay and StockX for more options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Nike Air Max Dawns true to size?

Yes, the Nike Air Max Dawn runs true to size, so if you wear your usual size on other Air Max silhouettes, you can get the same for this pair. Wide footers can go for a half size bigger to get more room around the toe and midfoot areas.

Is the Nike Air Max Dawn good for running in?

The Nike Air Max Dawn is classified as a lifestyle shoe, even though the crep boasts some vintage running shoe aesthetics (see also ‘Are Nike Air Max Shoes Good For Walking?‘). You can actually wear this as a workout shoe whenever you hit the gym, but we wouldn’t recommend this as your go to running shoe as there are more suitable Nike shoes solely meant for running.

The Nike Air Max 1 and Air Max 90 first entered the market as running sneakers, but Nike has since then moved them to the Lifestyle category. For a more in-depth review about Nike Air Max shoes when it comes to running, check out this Captain Creps Guide on wearing Air Max for different sports.

Does Nike Air Max Dawn run up small or run big?

Just like most Nike Air Max models, the Air Max Dawn runs true to size. Wide footers can go for a half size or full size bigger to achieve a more comfortable fit; while those with narrower feet than usual can go down half a size.

How do Nike Air Max Dawn fit?

The Nike Air Max Dawn fits as regular as they come. If your used to wearing Nike Air Max then you can be confident that these fit true to size. Simply take a look at how your Air Max 1 or Air Max 90 fits and size up against them. The Air Max Dawn fits exactly true to size.

Does the Air Max Dawn fit the same as the Nike Air Max 90?

Both pairs run true to size, but the Air Max Dawn may feel slightly wider than the AM90. This is because the mesh and suede upper combination is soft and easily conforms to the foot shape. The Nike Air Max 90 features a thick mudguard covering the entire side panels. This makes up for the overall structure of the shoe; which may also give that tighter feeling when wearing the Air Max 90.

Just wear them for a few hours and you’ll be good to go. You will quickly feel the comfort of the visible Air Max cushioning once fully broken in.


The Nike Air Max Dawn is a great option if you’re a fan of the Air Max 1 or Air Max 90 and perhaps want something at a slightly lower price tag or a new style to add to your rotation. With some great colourways already released, we can expect more colour combinations to arrive in the next few months.

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