How Does The Nike React Vision Fit, And Are They True To Size?

The Nike React Vision hit the market in January 2020 as another visionary release from Nike’s experimental D/MS/X division, famous for breakthrough releases such as the Air Max 270 React and Air Force 1 React. The new React Vision is inspired by Mexico City’s Casa Gilardi. As per Nike’s own words, the shoes are designed to combine ‘vivid colours’ with increased comfort for a dreamy finish.

The Nike React Vision is a narrow fitting shoe that combines lightweight flexibility with comfort. While the React Vision fits true to size, their narrow fronts mean it’s advisable to go a size up if you have wide feet. Generally, most owners report the shoes to fit perfectly, without any need to move between sizes. The soft mesh and lightweight material make them comfortable as casual or running/gym shoes.

When getting new shoes, finding the right fit is just as essential as finding the right design. While this is quite easy to navigate during in-store shopping, online shopping doesn’t afford such luxuries. This puts you in a tight spot when ordering new shoes online. Finding out your shoes are the wrong size upon delivery can be heart-wrenching. However, online shopping isn’t all gloomy.

It’s essential to note that variations exist between brand sizing, so you shouldn’t be surprised to find your Adidas or New Balance kicks fit differently to your Nikes. Even in the same size! The best way is to stick to each brand’s size guide when shopping online. Though some shoe sizes may overlap, brand sizes generally differ and you should consult each brand’s sizing guide when shopping for shoes rather than manually converting your shoe size each time.

How Does Nike React Vision Fit Compared To Other Shoe Brands?

Nike shoes are arguably the most popular in the sneaker industry, with the American company holding the largest market share. Nike shoes fit a little differently in comparison to other shoe brands like Adidas and New Balance, let’s look at this in more detail though. Differences are minimal in some shoes, but size discrepancy generally separates a comfortable shoe from a less pleasing one.

Nike shoes are a bit smaller than Adidas shoes, with the latter’s sneakers usually running big. This explains why your Nike and Adidas shoes of the same size may fit differently. The difference in brand sizing ranges from 0.1 to 0.2 inches, meaning you’ll have to go half a size up on your Nike kicks to find a similar fit in your Adidas shoes. As an example, you’ll need to get an Adidas size 8 shoe if your current Nikes are a 7.5.

In contrast, Nike shoes run bigger when compared to New Balance sneakers, demonstrating the imbalance in the world of sneaker sizing. Switching between these brands means you’ll have to select half a size up or down. Your Nike size 9 gives the exact fit the New Balance size 8.5 would.

The trick to a seamless switching between these brands is to keep an eye out for the sizes in centimetres. If you want to get technical you should also take measurements of your feet by drawing around them on a sheet of paper and measuring the length of the drawing, or by using a ruler to measure the distance between your biggest toe and the heel of your foot. On the whole, the solution lies in studying each brand’s size guide to avoid ordering an ill-fitting shoe, not to mention the stress of returning the product you love.

How Does The Nike React Vision Fit?

Built to handle athletes’ everyday needs, the Nike React Vision offers a comfortable rubber sole padding with lightweight material, ensuring your casual and fitness needs are met efficiently. Though they are slightly narrow, the shoes are true to size and comfortable, and the width worries are solved by going half a size up. The latest drop from the React series comes in seven different colourways, combining functionality and style. They are never out of place at work, the gym or on casual occasions.


The Nike React Vision is both the athlete’s dream and a great choice for the streets. Thanks to its lightweight and comfortable build, you can rely on the React Vision for running, everyday wear and exercise without any injury worries. Finding the right size can be a bit tricky if you’re switching from other sneaker brands, but it’s all smiles once you figure out the right size as the shoes run true.

Where To Buy?

The Nike React Vision is available for online purchase via the Nike website and at verified shoe retailers like Footlocker and StockX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Nike React Vision Reflective?

Yes, they are. The React Vision features Nike’s 3M panels, making the shoes colourful and reflective in different lighting environments.

When Did The Nike React Vision Release?

The Nike React Vision was released in January 2020 as a follow up to the Nike React Element 87. 

What does Nike N 354 mean?

The Nike N 354 collection is an ode to the creative process behind Nike designs. The collection gets its name from Steve Prefontaine’s 1973 record time in the mile run. 

In combination with the THE10TH and D/MS/X labels, pay homage to Nike’s continued creative approach to solving users’ needs and bridging the gap between the past, present and future designs.

Is the Nike React Vision true to size?

Yes, the Nike React Vision fits true to size. You can rest assured of getting the shoes in your usual sneaker size. However, athletes with wide feet are advised to go half a size up for increased comfort.

Does Nike React Vision have laces?

Yes, they do. The Nike React Vision has rope-inspired laces similar to those on Element 57 and 87. This feature allows the show to wrap around your feet for a fitter and more effortless movement.

Are Nike React Vision unisex?

The Nike React Vision comes in both men’s and women’s colourways.