Nike Venture Runner Sizing Guide and Review

Who needs hype when you wear something fresh and unique? The Venture Runner may not be the most popular Nike trainer around, but it’s one of the most wearable pairs that you can wear anytime and anywhere! If you want to try the Nike Venture Runner but have no idea about its sizing, then you’ve come to the right place.

This Nike Venture Runner Size Guide and Review will bring you all the info you need before copping a pair. We will discuss the sizing, its history, and if the shoe makes up for a good running footwear option. You can find all this and more below! Without further ado, let’s discuss this underrated budget sneaker from Nike.

What is the history of the Nike Venture Runner?

On immediate impression, It may look like a vintage shoe from the 80s, but the Nike Venture Runner is actually a modern silhouette that draws inspiration from the 80s, hence the heritage style aesthetics. Originally released in 2021, the trainer has quickly become a staple shoe in the Nike archive doesn’t hurt your bank balance.

Despite the likes of the Waffle Trainer and Tailwind also making a comeback, the Venture Runner’s arrival is a welcome edition to Nike’s staple collection. Another everyday casual style for when you want that classic heritage style without breaking the bank. The shoe features a lightweight breathable mesh upper and a comfortable foam midsole in a shape commonly seen on old-school trainers.

Nike Swooshes on the sides and tongue plus the branded heel clip complete the upper design of the Venture Runner.

A modified waffle sole comprised of thick and wide flex grooves also pays a nod to Bill Bowerman’s invention.

Since its release, various colourways of the Venture Runner have hit the Nike store, all to great success. The shoe is easy to style and works well as an everyday shoe, easy to match most fits in your wardrobe.

Does the Nike Venture Fit True To Size?

With its lightweight and breathable construction, the Nike Venture Runner typically runs true to size for narrow and normal footers. People with wide feet may run into some problems as the shoe starts to feel tight around the midfoot and the toe. Going a half size bigger or a full size up will solve this problem.

The slightly raised heel panel locks the foot down and ensures a great fit. A few adjustments here and there and you’ll be good to go!

The extra eyestay at the top is usually found on modern running shoes, but the Venture Runner also has that feature. Use it to your liking if you want a more restrictive fit around the ankles.

Is the Nike Venture Runner a good running shoe?

Design wise, It may look like a vintage Nike running shoe from the 80s, but take note, this trainer is a lifestyle model. The thin foam midsole is nowhere near as comfortable for running when you compare it to modern-day running shoes. You can still hit the gym with this shoe for general workouts, but if you’re heading for a long run, or off the beaten track, you should seek alternative shoes for running.

What should be mentioned is that the standard flat mid-sole could make this a reasonable shoe for lifting, if you need stability, however there are better options for this. This being a budget model means there’s not a lot of tech on the shoe, but still good enough for everyday wear. In terms of dedicated tech in the design for running or gym activity, unfortunately the Venture Runner, this is absent from this model.

To summarise, the Nike Venture Runner is inspired by classic running styles of the past, but it’s not recommended for running due to the lack of focused cushion and support. It’s also heavier than the standard running models we have today.

Does the Nike Venture Runner make a comfortable shoe?

While this may not be the best choice when it comes to running shoes, the Venture Runner is very comfortable underfoot. The foam midsole is a tried and tested design, whilst different to Nike trainers with Air Max, Phylon, or even Cushlon, the Nike Venture will provide a very comfortable ride and a very good job as an affordable lifestyle shoe. 

Don’t expect the midsole to be bouncy or responsive, but you can still feel enough cushioning underneath your feet. If you;re looking for a comparison, think the Nike Cortez or something in the early Waffle range.

The Nike Venture Runner is one of those everyday pairs that will take a lot beating. All you have to do is to lace ’em up and do everything you please.

Where can I buy the Nike venture runner?

Interested in a pair? Luckily, the shoe is not as limited as other in-demand sneakers. Which means they’re pretty much widely available with good size options! During sale periods of the year, you may also be likely to find below its retail price! Below are four of the best options to locate both Men’s and Women’s sizes of the Nike Venture Runner.





Is the Nike Venture a Women’s shoe?

The Nike Venture Runner also has Men’s colourways aside from Women’s exclusive pairs. You can find different colourways for both genders on the official Nike website. Their UK sizing may be the same, but women’s pairs tend to run slightly narrow compared to men’s UK sizes.

The width of women’s sneakers is usually slim to cater to ladies’ feet. So you must make sure which pair you’re getting to avoid sizing issues.

How can I style the Nike Venture Runner?

Already have a pair on the way but don’t know how to match the shoe with the rest of your wardrobe? Worry no more, the Nike Venture Runner is a basic lifestyle shoe that is easy to pair with loads of pieces! You can wear them with regular-fitting jeans, slim-fitting jeans. Or you can pair them with shorts for the scorching hot summer season.

The neutral style and muted colourways of the Venture Runner ensures this pair is a versatile option when looking at how to style them.

Style the shoe any way you want just like regular 80s runners. Think of the likes of Nike Cortez, Waffle Trainer, or any of the Pegasus range. These low-top trainers are classic looking, easy to style, because of their familiar aesthetic and neutral colourways.

Final Thoughts

Is it worth picking up the Nike Venture Runner? If you’re looking for classic Nike aesthetic with a tight budget, then the the Venture Runner can be a great go-to option. It’s got that classic heritage style, is perfect for casual wear and will definitely last you a while.

Sizing wise, if in doubt go true to size and make sure you go a half size bigger if you have wide feet. Those with narrow feet can stay true to size and go with their usual Nike fit.