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Drop Date: 10/03/2022

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Brand: Go FlyEase

RRP: £ 124.99

Colourway: Khaki/Light Bone/White

Style Code: CW5883-300

Just when you thought only function is everything in this silhouette, Nike then starts dropping fire colourways like this one! This new Nike Go FlyEase “Khaki / Light Bone” arrives in neutral tones to keep the style on-point. Definitely seeing a lot of potential for future colour schemes after the first few drops of the shoe. Functionality, accessibility, and style – all in this laceless mechanical shoe.


The launch of the Nike Go FlyEase was intense. With only limited pairs available, a lot of people who needed a hands-free shoe missed out on a chance to cop. Hopefully some more restocks and even more pairs arrive for those who truly need FlyEase. This new colourway will surely capture a lot of attention because of its simple, minimalist colour blocking.


Nike’s purposeful innovation comes in the form of something simple: a shoe that’s put together by a thick elastic band. Introduced in 2021, the Nike Go FlyEase is a completely different shoe from the usual FlyEase we know. Instead of a zipper, Nike utilised what they call a bi-stable hinge that bends the shoe in half for easy on and off; and a midsole tensioner (basically a thick rubber band) that locks it up when worn.


Lightweight mesh makes up the upper, with fuse overlays for added durability. A nice padded foam on the heel hugs the foot and provides a locked-down fit.


A soft foam midsole gives you a comfortable ride to go along with the effortless entry.


This Nike Go FlyEase “Khaki / Light Bone” features a Khaki makeover with hints of Light Bone or Pastel Pink right on the rear. A white midsole and a multidirectional blade traction outsole finish off the unique design.


Keep an eye out for a release in March 2022.


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