Recraft OG Air Max 95 Colourways with Nike’s “Unlocked By You”

There’s no denying the biggest hype ID’s in the sneaker community right now are with the Dunk Low Unlocked By You. This is why many may have overlooked the new “By You” options for the AM95 / 110. The Nike Air Max 95 Unlocked By You not only gives you more panels to customise, but it also gives you the option to re-craft OG gradient colourways. So much heat available!

This article will delve into the history of the iconic Air Max 95. We will also provide details on how to cop some of the OG colourways via the Nike Unlocked By You options

What is the Nike Air Max 95 Unlocked By You?

The Unlocked By You is the premium version of Nike By You. The Unlocked by You option boasts more customisable panels with more colours and additional designs (see also ‘How To Customise Air Force 1‘). Importantly it allows for that black to grey gradient that’s become iconic to the AM95.

The Nike Air Max 95 Unlocked By You now allows you to recreate some classic OG colourways like the Neon, Sired Red, Smoke Grey and Marina as well as allowing you to create something brand spanking new!

Thanks to the gradient Grey and Black combination, classics can now be remade without having to risk buying an older pair and risking the sole deteriorating, or breaking the bank via re-sale!

So what’s the difference between By You and Unlocked By You?

You may wonder if you it’s possible to do the same colour blocking with the regular Air Max 95 Nike By You. The answer would be no. The By You options do not let you individually add colours to the wavy upper panels. There are pre-designed multicolour panels in the options, but this brings limitations compared to the Unlocked By You custom options.

The Nike Air Max 95 Unlocked By You presents 18 design options. More personalised styles appear on the tongue, with emojis, text, and OG Air Max logos to choose from. The Nike Air Max 95 By You only has 14 options to design. The heel panel is the only panel with a personalised text label because of the limitation.

The wavy upper is categorised into 5 different panels namely: “Panel 1 / Toe / Heel”; “Panel 2”; “Panel 3”; “Panel 4”; and the “Upper Overlay”. This adds more possibilities for creating impressive personal designs aside from recreating OG colourways.

For your convenience we’ve listed 20 classic Air Max 95 options inspired by OG colourways, all of which can be created via the Unlocked By You options. Check them out below!

We provided direct links so you don’t need to worry about completing the designs yourself.

“Neon” – Link Here

“Midnight Navy” – Link Here

“Laser Blue” – Link Here

“Smoke Grey” – Link Here

“Siren Red” – Link Here

Arctic Orange” – Link Here

“Marina” – Link Here

“Pearl White” – Link Here

“Ochre” – Link Here

“Sesame” – Link Here

“White” – Link Here

“Black” – Link Here

“Red Clay” – Link Here

“Cool Grey” – Link Here

“Light Madder Root” – Link Here

“Worn Blue” – Link Here

Of course, you can stick to the OG colour blocking or customise any of these to create your own Air Max 95 rendition! Colourways options are vast because of the new Unlocked By You options.

The Unlocked By You Air Max 95 has a higher price tag than the Nike By You edition sitting at £199.95 (at the time of posting). But with the number of colourways and retros you’re able to create, paired with the impressive quality control. The high price tag is easier to stomach!

Nike Air Max 95 Unlocked By You – LINK HERE

Nike Air Max 95 By You – LINK HERE

Why do people call the Air Max 95 the 110?

If you’re not from the UK, or perhaps you are from the UK, but not the North. you may not be aware that for many of the population, the Air Max 95 is known more commonly as the 110. This is engrained in Liverpool’s culture, since the arrival of the OG Neon back in 1995, referencing the launch RRP price of the shoe.

Back in Liverpool in the mid 90s, If you were wearing a pair of 110s, everyone knew you could afford the premium Air Max Shoe of the time. Becoming a status thing of the time, that you could afford to rep a pair of creps worth the hefty £110 price tag.

Because of Sergio Lozano’s unique design, the Air Max 95 became a popular trainer in the UK, solidifying a fanbase around the country, but finding it’s home in Liverpool (see our post on the Air Max 270 for more information). This shoe also paved the way for Nike to enter the adidas-centric markets, making way for other Air Max icons.

Today, we’re still in love with the AM95, with iconic colourways like the AM95 Neon still looking fresh over 25 years on.

For avid AM95 fans in the North of England, and other areas of the UK, it’s commonplace to use the name “110” when referring to the Nike Air Max 95. However, that retail price is long gone. The irony now is if there was a chance to cop a pair of OG AM95s at that price, it’d be an insta-cop for most Air Max fans.

Design inspiration of the Nike Air Max 95

The year was 1995, and renowned Nike footwear designer Tinker Hatfield is already out of the Air Max roster to focus on Air Jordans. Nike tapped the then ACG sneaker designer Sergio Lozano for the Air Max 95’s initial design. With basketball trainers and lifestyle shoes booming, Lozano felt the need to reintroduce the popularity of running sneakers. This navigated Lozano to a new design idea; an aesthetic never been seen before on any shoe: the human anatomy.

The wavy panels on the upper resemble muscle fibres, while the mesh overlay serves as the skin. These wavy uppers also resemble earth erosions caused by rain.

Moving on, the eyestays that protrude on the side panels holding the laces act as the ribs and improve the overall fit. Finishing the design is the chunky foam midsole which is representative of the human spine.

Aside from the unique design inspiration, the Air Max 95 takes a step away from previous Air Max models by using minimal Nike branding. There’s a mini Swoosh on the rear area of the lateral side and an Air Max logo on the tongue. A subtle Nike Air label hides in the heel panel but apart from this, the swoosh or Nike Logo is absent.

The Nike Air Max 95 is also the first Air Max sneaker with a visible forefoot Air unit. This supposedly made the performance running trainer more comfortable thanks to the heel and forefoot Air Max setup. Because of the Air Max 95’s immense popularity, the following Air Max models tried to outdo the benchmark set by this icon.

Bill Bowerman’s innovative waffle sole makes another appearance with this shoe.

Thanks to the Nike Air Max 95 Unlocked By You, you can relive the OG colourways such as the iconic Neon!

How do I style the Nike Air Max 95?

Just like most Air Max trainers, the Air Max 95 is pretty versatile and is easily styled. Whether you’re looking for that sporty look or going casual, the Air Max 95 is a go-to pair!

If you’re planning to wear shorts, you can opt for some high socks or mid socks whichever you prefer. No-show socks ankle socks are also options, but personally not for us. Check out for some of the best Nike socks HERE direct from he Nike site that you can find to pair with your Air Max 95.

Jeans also work especially with darker or neutral colourways. Cuffed or non-cuffed, denim jeans are still a great option for Air Max silhouettes like the AM95 depending on the rest of your fit.

Last but not the least, joggers and cuffed cargos tend to be a perfect match for the Air Max 95 if you want to make the pair stand out. Comfortable, unrestrictive, and not too tight. Joggers when correctly fitted will allow the whole shoe to flaunt and really give it centre stage.


After all these years, the Nike Air Max 95 remains iconic. The Air Max 95 Unlocked By You options give us that taste of the past and really allow fans to get the iconic colourways without paying way over retail for an older shoe.

In 2025, the AM95 turns 30 so expect some serious re-releases of classic retros. But until then we can get creative with the AM95 Unlocked By You Options, as well as enjoying recent releases such as the special edition “Anatomy of Air” colourways!

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