Do Saucony shoes run small or do they fit true to size?

There’s nothing worse than buying a fresh pair of kicks, only for them not to fit. This guide will help you choose the perfect fitting Saucony shoes and learn if they fit trues to size (TTS).

Founded in 1898, Saucony began its footwear journey in a small Boston-based factory, with running sitting at the very heart of the brand’s institutional ethos. Their iconic three-spot logo pays homage to the brand’s roots. Taking its inspiration from the Saucony Creek in Kutztown, PA, in which the water flowed through three boulders. In today’s age, they stand for the guiding boulders of Saucony: good performance, good health, and good community. With iconic styles such as the Jazz OriginalShadow OriginalAzuraGrid, and Aya – there are plenty of silhouettes to meet your style needs.

It’s widely agreed that Saucony shoes fit true to size in general, especially compared to some other smaller-fitting brands such as Nike and Adidas. The snugness of the fit will vary depending on the silhouette. As a rule of thumb, Saucony shoe sizes tend to be pretty reliable, unchanging, and trustworthy. If your feet are on the wider side, it would be advisable to size up by half a size to avoid any feet swelling. Saucony shoes will mostly fit true to size. Compared to both Adidas and Nike trainers that tend to run small, Saucony trainers run half a size bigger. 

It’s extremely important when selecting a pair of trainers to acknowledge that size and fit can vary across brands. Each brand is so unique in its use of different materials, technologies and design elements that overall contribute to a different type of fit. For example, lightweight shoes with flexible uppers feel less tight on your feet because the material prevents constriction.

In summary, Saucony trainers will fit true to size, unless you have wide feet, or will be running in them. In those cases, it’s best to purchase half a size bigger for breathability to avoid discomfort. If you know your feet well, then making a decision should be a pretty seamless affair.

Where to buy Saucony trainers?

Saucony trainers can be purchased directly from the big third party online retailers such as ENDSchuh and The Hip Store. Styles will vary depending on the time this article is read however the two options above usualy have plenty of stock, ranging from iconic styles such as the Jazz Original, to more niche silhouettes and colourways.   

Here are the top 3 most popular Saucony silhouettes:

Saucony Azura

Having originally debuted back in 1988, the Saucony Azura is considered to be one of the brand’s most iconic trainers. This is an extremely popular choice both among athletes and for fashion enthusiasts alike. Designed for performance  particularly running. This ultra-lightweight, breathable silhouette boasts a TPU stabiliser and a comfortable EVA midsole. Not to mention, a renowned triangular lugged outsole, which gives the trainer that extra grip needed when running. The micro suede and rip top mesh upper gives the shoe a high level of durability, making it suitable for most types of surfaces and weather. With all of these innovative design elements, you can rest assured that the Saucony Azura will last you a long time.

Where to buy: the Saucony Azura can be purchased over at END Clothing, on the Azura product page. Alternatively, you can grab a pair from Schuh or The Hip Store.

Saucony Jazz

Designed in 1981, the Saucony Jazz silhouette was designed with comfort at the forefront of the inspiration. The Jazz trainer has been argued as being the style that put Saucony on the map, introducing the brand’s serious approach to athletics to the world of sports. Featuring a mixture of suede and nylon uppers, paired with mesh on the toe vamp, this silhouette is durable yet lightweight, making it the ideal choice for any hardcore runners out there. The foam midsole and vocalized rubber outsole were both introduced with the launch of this trainer, adding further support and stability to better sustain the unique movements of the foot. Available in a plethora of colourways, there are plenty of styles to choose from.

Where to buy: The Saucony Jazz can be purchased over at END, where you can also browse the many different colour variations available. It’s available in other select retailers such as the Schuh or  The Hip Store., which have select colours in stock.

Saucony Shadow 5000

The Saucony Shadow Original silhouette debuted in the 80s.  Later on the Shadow 5000 was introduced in 1989 which pioneered the way for the 90s decade. Although taking many design elements from its predecessor, the Shadow 5000 incorporates an updated EVA midsole.  Not to mention, further panelling to the uppers for even better stability to the foot.

The tagline for this shoe when it was first brought to market was “1st is first. Second is nowhere.” Clearly highlighting the brand’s pledge to be the best of the best in terms of running shoes. The Shadow 5000 has become a key player in the retro revival, despite more variations of the Shadow range being released throughout the years. It truly is a one-of-a-kind type of sneaker.

Where to buy: The Saucony Shadow 5000 can be purchased from END which probably stock the biggest range online. Also available at select retailers such as the Brown Bag which has some Shadow 5000’s in stock, at attractively low prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Saucony shoes fit compared to Nike?

It’s a widely known fact that Nike trainers tend to run small, because of their design qualities. Therefore, in comparison, Saucony trainers will generally fit better, truer to size because their fundamental dimensions are slightly different. With that being said, it’s extremely important to note that sizing can vary according to the silhouette in question. For example, if there is an intricate lacing system in the shoe regardless of the brand then it tends to fit more snug. To fully get a better idea of sizing, it’s best to assess the design of the silhouette you desire in order to understand if it is more likely to run small.

How do Saucony running shoes fit?

Saucony is a trainer brand whose very DNA is rooted in running, so most of their trainers are designed for this purpose. Therefore, their running shoes will fit true to size, and will only vary slightly according to the design aspects, as mentioned above. When choosing a running shoe, it’s crucial to keep in mind that your feet will tend to swell as they warm up due to the exercise.  The general recommendation is to size up by half a size in order to allow room for expansion. Your running shoes should never cramp your toes or cause any physical pain to your feet. The Saucony website has a dedicated running shoe section where their entire running range is displayed. It may be useful to browse first in order to find a silhouette that’s right for you.

How do Saucony shoes fit compared to Adidas?

Adidas has a reputation for running on the smaller side because their design elements contribute to a more snug feel. With that in mind, Saucony shoes run bigger than Adidas. However, Saucony trainers will be true to size for most people, seeing as Adidas trainers usually require sizing up anyway.

How do Saucony shoes fit compared to New Balance?

New Balance trainers are known for having a toe box slightly on the wider side. As opposed to Saucony trainers which are known for having a smaller toe box. However, seeing as New Balance trainers are wider than the average size, Saucony shoes fit true to size in comparison. Albeit this means they feel slightly smaller. If you have bunions or wider feet these shoes aren’t suited for you. This means that Saucony trainers will potentially feel too tight whereas New Balance trainers will feel too loose. 

How do Saucony shoes fit compared to Asics?

Saucony trainers tend to fit slightly smaller than Asics trainers by only half a size. Asics are known to fit quite tight to the feet, particularly at the toe box to ensure your feet stay well supported during exercise. Asics trainers’ dimensions are fundamentally bigger than Saucony trainers’ dimensions.

Do Saucony trainers come up small?

No, Saucony trainers do not tend to come up small. However, this could vary depending on the different shapes and sizes of feet. For example, if you have wide, flat feet that take up more space than average, it would be wise to size up by at least half a size, so as to allow a better, roomier fit. On average, Saucony trainers do not come up small and do fit true to size.