Which adidas Shoes Come Without laces? Our Top Slip-Ons

Why opt for an adidas slip-on shoe?

Lace-less shoes are a popular mainstay with the three stripes, chosen because of their quick and easy fit but also because of their aesthetic. Adidas has a wide selection of slip-on shoes for both performance sports and lifestyle. Over the years, adidas has mastered the slip-on-shoe, with most pairs being bang on with the design and also fitting around the foot incredibly well.

Below we’ll talk about some of the most popular Adidas shoes without laces. We’ll cover notable trainers from Adidas Originals and across all other footwear categories.

While most slip-ons are perfect for those with narrow feet, people with wide feet can find suitable pairs in the adidas selection. Slip-ons are comfortable shoes, vary heavily in design options and come in a huge variety of colourways.

Who needs shoe laces on a pair of shoes?

What are the most popular adidas lifestyle shoes without laces?

Adidas is not shy to experiment and try to change the looks of their OG Adidas Originals styles. The iconic American hip-hop group RUN-DMC popularised the adidas Superstars with no laces and tongues out. This style eventually became an inspiration for adidas to release an actual adidas Superstar without laces included.

The adidas Stan Smith is also quite a good choice for Three Stripes laceless lifestyle shoes. Just like the Superstars, the Stan Smith Slip-On (no, not the Mules) feature no laces. Another laceless Stan Smith silhouette utilises three velcro straps on the midfoot for a more accessible setup.

Fans of the iconic UltraBoost, may of heard of the Ultraboost Laceless. This shoe features a full Primeknit upper with a tighter weave on the midfoot to ensure a great fit despite the lack of laces.

Although the Ultraboost still belongs under the brand’s Running label, most people wear the shoe for lifestyle purposes. The Ultraboost Laceless is perfect for anyone always on the go, seeking maximum comfort and a lightweight ride. Some pairs are now made with recycled materials for a more sustainable finish!

Women’s adidas shoes without laces

The Adidas Superstar Slip-On is one of the most popular laceless shoes for women. Its stretchy mesh upper still allows the shoe to be flexible and easy to wear, without compromising the fit.

Other women’s Adidas shoes without laces include the highly coveted Ultraboost Laceless, Ultraboost Slip-On, and the NMD_R1 Strap. As we all know these sneakers incorporate full-length Boost midsoles for the beloved cushioning and comfort.

Do adidas do football boots without laces?

Yes, Adidas has a bunch of laceless football boots that redefine how performance footwear varies per sport. For football, adidas engineered boots without the traditional lacing setup and opted for slip-on constructions. Usually made with Primeknit, these trainers feature a tight weave that provides a sock-like fit and wraps the foot nicely. 

Football players can easily slip on their feet inside these boots and adjust according to preference. Knitted uppers conform to the foot which makes the fit consistent after a few wears.

Famous adidas football silhouettes like the Purecontrol and Predator series feature a sock-like collar that ensures you’re locked in without worrying about an inconsistent fit.

What are the best adidas slip-on running shoes?

There are not many Adidas Running shoes available in slip-on builds as top-tier trainers still utilise laces. However, some Three Stripes runners like the UltraBoost Laceless and Ultraboost Slip-On provide that beloved full-length Boost-cushioning and a lightweight Primeknit upper. 

The reason why slip-ons are usually not advised for running shoes is that you need to constantly adjust the fit when you run. Slip-ons may also lack the much-needed stability because it reduces materials on the upper. They’re extremely comfortable for casual wear, though.

What adidas golf shoes come as laceless slip-ons?

Slip-on golf shoes from Adidas usually feature a BOA lacing system for easier access. However, some Adidas golf shoes use a full slip-on construction thanks to a stretchy yet durable Primeknit body. The adidas Crossknit Boost 2.0 is one prime example of golf sneaks without laces. This is one of the more comfortable shoes specifically made for golf due to its full-length Boost foam midsole and Primeknit construction.

What are the best adidas slip-on skate shoes?

Skate shoes require a casual fit and a very durable upper to stand up against the boards grip tape when flipping the board. Technological advancements in sneakers have redefine the way skate shoes are made in the last few decades. However, slip-ons are still the way to go for many.

We all know and recognize the iconic Vans Slip-On, which arguably remains to be the most popular slip-on skate shoe around. But Adidas has a few tricks up its sleeve with awesome slip-on skate shoes that rank well.

adidas Matchcourt Slip

Slip-on skate shoes like the adidas Matchcourt Slip make up for one simple and easy-to-wear skate shoe. Its classic look makes the shoe look good enough to be work outside of the skate park. adidas labels on the tongue keep branding to a minimum while the gum vulcanized rubber sole provides you long-lasting grip anywhere you go.

adidas Sabalo Slip-On

The adidas Sabalo Slip-On is also one of the more memorable slip-on skate shoes from the Three Stripes. Featuring a canvas upper, the slip-on boasts a minimalist trefoil logo on the tongue while the side mudguard reinforces the body. The sharp angle of the upper makes it easier for you to slip your foot inside the shoe.

A vulcanised rubber sole with hexagonal traction patterns brings grip and durability where you need them.  

What are the best adidas slip-on Tennis shoes?

When you talk about tennis shoes, the adidas Stan Smith always comes to mind. While the Stans are nowhere near the level of modern-day tennis trainers, its slip-on version is a nice alternative if you don’t want to lace up casually.

For performance, the adidas Stycon Laceless Hard Court is a good shout. The high-top tennis shoe features a mesh base with a sock-like collar that hugs the foot and ensures decent support for lateral movements. Its laceless construction gives the Stycon a lightweight ride essential for swift movements on the tennis court.

Which adidas shoes come with a velcro strap?

Velcro straps on sneakers come with various functions that improve the overall experience of the shoe. Aside from making them stylish, straps improve the fit and ensure a great lockdown. 

One of the most notable adidas shoes with a velcro strap is the adidas Forum. Velcro straps on the ankle collar can be found on both Mid and Low renditions of the classic basketball shoe. Now categorised under the brand’s lifestyle adidas Originals label, the Forum saw a resurgence in popularity since 2020.

Adidas also put twists to some of their iconic lifestyle selections such as the Stan Smith and Continental 80 by putting “three straps” to replace the lacing system. Some kids’ pairs of the Superstar also come with straps if they struggle with laces.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve always been a fan of shoelaces, it’s still worth going out of your comfort zone and trying laceless kicks. Sneakers without laces can be found across most popular styles. Whether it’s casual or athletic shoe, you’ll be able to ind a pair to your liking at the adidas site.

As one of the top brands, adidas will always look for that laceless formula that can set itself apart from the rest. Some of the pairs mentioned above are just some of the pioneering laceless shoes from the Three Stripes. We’re bound to witness even more as technologies develop.

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