Why Does Wearing Converse Hurt My Feet & What Can I Do To Fix It?

It’s been out for over a century and is still one of the most relevant trainers worldwide. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is the pioneer of basketball shoes and one of the oldest sneakers in existence. While it’s been part of the footwear rotation for a lot of generations and counting, some people have one question. Why do Converse shoes hurt my feet?

This is what we’re going to discuss in this detail in this Converse Footwear Guide. We will talk about the reasons why some Converse sneakers hurt people’s feet, how the shoes fit, and possible remedies to get rid of the pain so you can wear them without discomfor

Lace up as we take a trip down memory lane and explore the favourite lifestyle shoe of millions worldwide.

So why are Converse shoes hurting my feet?

Converse may be a very popular brand thanks to the Chuck Taylor All Star, Jack Purcell and One Star. But a lot of people find these trainers uncomfortable and often hurt their feet. One of the main reasons is that these vulcanised shoes barely have any cushioning and have little to no arch support.

The earlier versions of the Chuck Taylor have extremely thin sock liners, giving little to no cushioning at all. If you have had a pair of the more modern Chuck 70s, you can find a world of difference in comfort. 

Another reason why converse shoes hurt your feet is that the canvas upper does not stretch, making it hard for your feet to conform. We all know that an incorrect fit will give you blisters, and you can blame the wear and tear on the canvas fabric for that. This is also why the modern Chuck 70 features a more reinforced canvas base with the help of more stitching, this keeps the structure intact.

If you have wide feet, you will also run into problems because of the rather narrow base and tight entry of the shoe.

Chuck Taylors and other mainstream Converse lifestyle shoes are undeniably popular. But if you have flat feet, expect foot pain because of the lack of torsional support. Important note: Chuck 70s cushioned insoles are a lot more comfortable than the standard issues.

Five ways to stop your Converse shoes from hurting your feet

1. Don’t lace them too tight and give your foot some wiggle room. Converse shoes with canvas uppers will become loose in time because of general use. 

2. Buy cushioned insoles if you can. Replace the standard issue thin sock liner with a after market cushioned insole if you need to walk or stand around for hours. (Get insoles with a midfoot shank if you need arch support.)

3. Wear thick socks. This does not only stretch the shoe over time, but it also prevents blisters and the rubbing of the fabrics on your skin. If possible combine thick socks with cushioned insoles for even more comfort.

4. Stretch the shoes using an adjustable shoe tree so you wouldn’t have to endure wearing them tight.

5. Consider modern Converse silhouettes as they have better cushioning technology and more consideration of arch support.

Are Converse shoes good for walking all day in?

While they are classic OG sneakers, Converse shoes like the Chuck Taylors, One Star, and Jack Purcell are not really suitable for all-day wear. You may find them cosy and snug in an hour or two, but when you start walking miles, you’ll feel arch pain and will most likely want to launch them into a fire.

The lack of cushioning and torsional support will make it hard for you to walk around in them all day. Chuck Taylor 70s can be slightly more comfortable than the classic pairs, but that doesn’t say much when you compare it to other market leading sneakers.

Do Converse shoes always hurt your feet the first time you wear them?

If you never had a pair of Converse shoes before, it’s likely you’re wondering if they always hurt your feet. The answer actually depends on your foot type but it’s not usually going to hurt the first time. If you have wide feet you may feel a little tight around the midfoot, so you may adjust the laces to aid comfort.

They won’t always hurt, but you will eventually notice the lack of cushioning when you start walking around in them. The canvas upper may be too restrictive to your feet but wear them long enough and it will somehow mould to your feet. 

This should not hinder you or change your mind from buying classic Converse such as the Chuck Taylor. There’s a reason why they are still relevant after all these years. They may not be the most comfortable shoes out there, but it’s never a bad idea to have a pair of Chucks.

Three alternatives to Converse All Stars

Love the look of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars but don’t feel comfortable in them? Worry no more as these three alternatives have the same energy as Chucks but ten to be way more comfortable.

  1. Nike SB Blazer Mid – You don’t have to look far and wide to find your Chuck Taylor alternative. The Nike SB Blazer Mid boasts the same aesthetics as a regular Blazer, but with Zoom cushioning embedded on a cushy sockliner. This shoe can also come in canvas, has the same mid-cut construction, and got the Swoosh on the sides!

Where to Buy? Nike UK

2. Vans Sk8 Hi – The beloved skateboarding shoe is one of the most popular alternatives to classic Chucks. Modern renditions of iconic Vans now have better cushioning thanks to the UltraCush technology. With this development, the Vans Sk8 Hi are now comfortable everyday shoes that can last you years.

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3. Adidas Forum – While the Forum is not made with canvas, it’s still a good sneaker choice. The shoe comes in both Mid and Low versions just like Converse All Stars, and they have updated cushioning! Most renditions of the Adidas Forum now feature Bounce foam in the midsole. It’s another remade classic without ruining any of its original DNA.

Where to Buy? adidas

Final Thoughts

Is it still worth trying the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star? Definitely. But if you’re expecting a squishy and comfortable feeling that you can wear all day, you may want to consider looking elsewhere.

Like the Air Jordan 1, Nike Dunk, Adidas Superstar and Reebok Classics, the Converse Chuck Taylor is a silhoette that stands firmly in the sneaker Hall of Fane. Timeless classics worn by multiple generations since their inception.

A lot of people agree the Convers Chuck Taylor is nowhere near comfortable as modern silhouettes, but the history they hold and instant recognisability cements this pair in sneaker culture.

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